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A story old twenty five years ago

Busi Group: 30 years of history

The path of the Busi Group begins with the creation of B.T.E Busi Technologies Ecological individual company founded in 1991 by Giuseppe Busi and over the years has experienced rapid and continuous development, made of targeted acquisitions and careful investment strategy.

Today the group consists of B.T.E. S.p.A., MEC S.p.A. and OMB Technology S.p.A., three companies at the forefront and employs about 400 employees working in the various locations. Each company specialises in different collection systems researched by a team of engineers and designers who work every day to design solutions and innovative products to meet market demands.


Specialized in specific collection systems, Busi Group companies are:

- B.T.E S.p.A. based in Paitone, in the province of Brescia, a company that since 1991 has been producing and marketing products for the collection, compaction and transport of waste (containers, roll-off boxes, fittings for vehicles).
- MEC S.p.A. based in Mondovi, in the province of Cuneo, operating since 1966. Bought out in 2005, it produces loaders, polyps, demountables, skip loaders and trailers, agricultural demountable system with thrust unloading system.
- OMB Technology S.P.A. based in Brescia, specialised in the production of containers and vehicles for waste collection with rear side loading.


The Busi Group's companies
Partner companies: BTE
Partner companies: MEC
Partner companies: OMB
The history of a family

The history of the Busi Group is the history of a family. A story of love of work, initiative and capacity for vision. Alongside Giuseppe Busi in the leadership of the company, the sister Diva and brother Mirko work together.

Giuseppe Busi


Our goal is to provide technologies and solutions for ecology, helping to improve the way we experience the environment around us to create a new relationship with the future. Giuseppe Busi, Busi Group President

Giuseppe Busi, Busi Group President

Mirko Busi

Chief Executive Officer

We are not interested in competition for its own sake, we believe there is room for everyone and we want to continue our business project involving hundreds of people and families thinking of future generations above all.

Mirko Busi, CEO. Busi Group

Diva Busi

Chief Executive Officer

The Busi Group's ambition is to move forward, to grow the group within the values that distinguish it; strength, pragmatism, openness and dynamism.

Diva Busi, Head of Admin. Busi Group