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The Case Study of Impresa Sangalli - Varese
24 / 01 / 2023


Busi's integrated solutions enable urban waste management companies to successfully manage the entire waste collection cycle and its delivery to refuse collection points.



Impresa Sangalli Giancarlo & C. S.r.l, with its registered office in Monza and various service centres throughout Italy, has been offering a complete range of services for over 60 years, satisfying every need in the field of environmental services such as urban hygiene and waste collection and transport, civil and industrial purging, sanitations and environmental reclamation.

Over the years, Impresa Sangalli has progressively developed and has constantly expanded and improved its range of services, to the point of achieving excellent experience and know-how in the environmental sector. Impresa Sangalli's expertise and knowledge is such that it guarantees immediate answers to the most diverse problems in the range of ecological services. The company operates nationwide in compliance with quality standards and with a view to sustainable development.

In waste collection, disposal and recovery, Impresa Sangalli offers an all-round service and, thanks to the facilities it has contracted in the area, is able to send any type of waste from any production process for recovery or disposal.



Impresa Sangalli manages the waste collection and disposal service for several municipalities in Italy, including the cities of Monza and Sesto San Giovanni.

From 1 January 2022, Impresa Sangalli is also managing the waste collection system in the city of Varese.

In order to cope with the increase in the number of municipalities managed and to meet the renewal commitments of the vehicle fleet, made with the municipal administrations during the tender, Impresa Sangalli needed to expand the fleet of vehicles for waste collection, compaction and transport and to replace the older vehicles with the latest generation, environmentally sustainable and technologically advanced systems, equipped with euro 6 class engines.

Sangalli's service includes separate waste collection with the door-to-door system in densely populated urban areas and in historical centres with narrow streets.



Impresa Sangalli found in Busigroup the ideal partner to renew its vehicle fleet with the best solutions in terms of operator safety, practicality, robustness and in full respect of environmental sustainability.

The mix of T-Rex and Viper satellite vehicles for door-to-door collection and in all the streets of the centre - even the narrowest ones - combined with the practicality of the Legend rear-loading waste collection system has proved to be a winning combination for Impresa Sangalli's strategy: the right balance between capillarity and capacity, allowing the company to design efficient service shifts for waste collection to the benefit of citizens and the city, and also safe for ecological operators.

In addition to the vehicles with the collection and compaction system for urban waste collection, Sangalli also requested some single-bladed compactors to be placed at waste collection sites and meeting points and T-Rex vehicles during waste collection days.


Some numbers:

- Over 15 Legend rear loading and compacting systems

- More than 60 satellite vehicles with T-REX system

- More than 10 single-bladed roll-off compactors


Legend: The waste collection system with rear-loading compactor with skip/headroom structure is the ideal solution for the many requirements of the collection service: it can be used as a transfer station but also as an active and passive transfer vehicle thanks to the various configurations available. Modern technology applied to a structure with a high compaction ratio and a powerful and reliable structure.

Some characteristics of the Legend solutions in use at Impresa Sangalli:

- 25 and 30m3 containment capacity

- Container lifting system with automatic pre-coupling and "sure grip" functionality

- In-cab control monitor with video and diagnostic function (7'' colour)

- Colour and infrared rear view cameras

- Selection of waste type from the display

- IVECO Stralis chassis


T-Rex system: The T-Rex rear tipping bin with shovel-loader and container lifter is the perfect solution for the 'door-to-door' waste collection system because it provides an initial compaction in order to increase the amount of waste collected, before having to unload the contents. Manual dumping is facilitated by the presence of a side door, supplied as standard, the opening of which inhibits the operation of the shovel. The waste is unloaded by tipping and can be carried out directly at the point of delivery or inside medium/large sized trucks or roll-off compactors.

Some characteristics of the T-Rex solutions in use at Impresa Sangalli:

- 7m3 tank capacity

- Tank tipping synchronised with the movement of the outriggers, by means of an oleodynamic cylinder equipped with a blocking/balancing valve positioned under the tank. Tilting angle 85°.

- AVC "3-movement" kinematics to keep the container in an upright position up to its

Tipping with 300 litre metal tub

- Chassis: Isuzu P75 and Fuso 7C15


Viper System: The rear tipping tank with container lift is part of the satellite vehicle range and is ideal for the door-to-door waste collection system. The absence of the compacting system means that the parent vehicle/compactor is placed in close proximity to the satellite vehicles.

The Viper version equipped with the AVC system can also collect bins that are difficult for the operator to lift.

The simplified version, without a bin lifter (AVC), is suitable for manual collection and collection is facilitated by the presence of a folding side door.

The waste is unloaded by tipping and can be carried out directly at the transfer point or inside medium/large size or roll-off compactors.


Some features of the Viper solutions in use at Impresa Sangalli:


- Rear view camera with in-cab monitor.

- Synoptic panel in the cab for system monitoring.

- Tank tipping synchronised with the movement of the outriggers, by means of an hydraulic cylinder with a blocking/balancing valve positioned under the tank. Tipping angle 85°.

- Tank movement controls positioned in the driver's cab.

- Shovel and broom support

- Tank capacity and PTT: Volume 7 m³

- Bin lifting and tipping system with 3 movements to keep container upright until tipping with 200 and 300 litre metal tub.

- Chassis: Isuzu M55 and Fuso CANTER 3S13


Single-blade compactor CSM: The BTE single-blade compactor is ideal for compacting wet municipal solid waste and bulky materials. The bottom of the compacting chamber is made of a single HARDOX 400 calendared sheet metal and creates a chute that enters directly into the body.

Underneath the bottom sheet metal is the hydraulic power unit, resulting in a completely watertight structure.

Impresa Sangalli opted for the electrically powered versions, with a length of 6200mm and capacity of 22m3.


MEC roll-off equipment and trucks equipped with SC266 demountable equipment and CL120 80 1Z loader for the transport of 6200mm containers and load capacity up to 26tonnes.

+B Connect: all the solutions adopted by Impresa Sangalli are equipped with +B Connect technology for two-way connection, monitoring and geolocation of the systems.



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