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A business model targeted at creating, open to new challenges

A unique model of corporate cooperation

The path taken from the beginning by Giuseppe Busi, then shared by the brother Mirko and his sister Diva has combined feedback and confirmation. Determination and practical sense, combined with vision and the desire to look forward led to a business model targeted at creating, open to new challenges and constantly in evolution, bringing the formation of a solid and structured group.

Today the Busi Group operates on the international market through an integrated system offering all solutions in the collection, compaction and transport of waste.

The capabilities of a company reside in the human value that make it up

400 people work together within the Busi Group, divided into three production facilities, in addition to the widespread commercial network in Italy and abroad. With a view to continuous improvement, the Busi Group invests in the resources of each of them, leaving room for creativity and personal initiative, sharing processes, analysis and results in a transparent oriented welfare.

Experience in collecting, compacting and transportation of waste
Specialised in main collection systems
Speed and reliability in deliveries
Technical consulting and professional engineers and designers
Partnerships between companies to improve and adapt solutions
Versatility in response to customers
Internationalisation: Italian and foreign markets