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25 / 05 / 2021

OMB LATAM aims to consolidate the presence of OMB and Busi Group in waste management and logistics in Latin America. 


Busi Group, a leading Italian company in complete solutions for waste collection, compaction and transport, strengthens its international presence with the new OMB LATAM, with the aim of further consolidating OMB Technology's business throughout the Latin American continent.

After reporting an increase in turnover that exceeded one hundred million euros in 2020, Busi Group aims to grow further in 2021, starting with the consolidation of activities in Central and South America thanks to the creation of the joint venture, which restructures and strengthens the partnership with IN-NOVA Group, which has been active since 1997 in the waste collection sector and which introduced the OMB side loading and dumpster system.


OMB is a historic Italian brand, known and appreciated also at international level and for more than 20 years operating in Latin America. "OMB has a good brand awareness in Latin America thanks to the projects developed over the years in various countries, including Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia. The creation of OMB LATAM therefore represents an important step for the entire Busi Group, we know that our integrated technologies are versatile and cutting-edge and there is demand for these solutions in many countries, which are starting to invest in waste management and the circular economy" said the Busi family.


From Chile, a country which over the years has activated various free trade agreements with the whole South American area, OMB LATAM aims to consolidate the business of OMB solutions for waste collection but also to expand the other integrated solutions of Busi Group, which include compactors and loaders for the storage, handling, transport and management of all types of waste, serving the environment, industry and municipal services.

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