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15 / 11 / 2022


At Ecomondo 2022, Busi Group presented its offer

of electric solutions developed with Mercedes, Volvo, Renault, Irizar and OHM


Busi Group - a leading Italian company in complete solutions for the collection, compaction and transport of waste - from the stage of Ecomondo 2022 presented its complete offer of electrical products under the BTE, MEC and OMB brands.
The Busi Group has been among the pioneers of electric and environmentally sustainable solutions since 2018, when OMB Technology supplied the first side-loading collection and compaction system installed on an Irizar electric chassis.
Busi's design of electric-powered chassis solutions takes into account the importance of saving energy while not compromising on the quality and efficiency that are a characteristic of the group's solutions, as well as a focus on noise reduction involving not only the chassis but also the movements of the equipment. The other major advantage of electric solutions is the absence of engine vibration, which greatly improves the comfort of both driving and ground-based operators.
The thousands of working hours of the electric vehicles fitted out and the excellent results in terms of autonomy and performance have allowed Busi to receive requests for numerous electric vehicles and to develop important know-how with manufacturers such as Volvo, Renault, Mercedes and Irizar fitted with OMB Technology collection and compaction systems for urban waste and MEC roll-off equipment for the transport of industrial waste and raw materials.
On display at the Busi stand at Ecomondo 2022 was a Mercedes eEconic equipped with OMB's Legend E rear system and an eActros equipped with MEC model SLK 266 roll-off equipment.
In the outdoor test area there was the opportunity to test two Busi solutions on the road: the Volvo FE Electric equipped with OMB's Legend E system and the Renault D Wide ZE equipped with MEC's SLK 266 roll-off equipment.
Not only large vehicles but also small satellite vehicles for waste collection, for example OMB Technology's T-Rex collection and compaction system fitted on the OHM electric chassis: this type of vehicle is designed to reach all parts of the city including historic centres and narrow streets, so the electric version represents a very attractive investment for municipalities.

"We embraced environmentally sustainable technologies, including electric technology, early on because we believe in the green turn. Our electric solutions with no emissions, no vibrations and minimal noise improve the lives of those who work on our equipment, such as the ecological operators and all citizens. Our group also manages the production stages, so we can intervene in all steps of the supply chain: we have redesigned our collection and compaction systems for electric chassis, so as to achieve maximum energy savings and maintain a long battery life, without reducing the performance and compaction quality typical of our solutions, and we have taken the time to produce, test and perfect them," said Fratelli Busi.

Busi Group's complete range of electric-powered solutions includes BTE single-bladed compactors (also with photovoltaic system), MEC dump trucks for transporting waste and materials, OMB rear-loading (LEGEND) and side-loading (CMPL) waste collection vehicles, and OMB simple (Viper) or compaction system (T-REX) trays.


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