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20 / 02 / 2023

In 2022, the Brescia-based group leader in waste management solutions provided €400 net welfare benefits to all employees, built new offices, a new canteen, training room and changing rooms. In 2023, the renewal of its Human Resources strategies for the continuous improvement of employee conditions and skills continues


Busi Group - a leading Italian company in complete solutions for waste collection, compaction and transport - announces the start of a real "revolution" in its Human Resources strategy aimed at improving internal organisation and producing benefits for all employees.
Over the last few years, the Busi group has grown rapidly and now employs over 500 people (including collaborators and employees working in the Paitone, Rezzato, Pontevico, Brescia, Mondovì and Orbassano sites) and at the same time has invested in new technology for the production lines and in new management systems.
"Professional growth, skills development and respect for the company's values are fundamental dimensions for the company and require systematic and continuous work over time to enable all employees to perform well and enjoy their work experience to the fullest. In the course of 2023, the company will implement four new HR processes on an annual basis, taking a snapshot of the starting point for structuring support actions for the continuous improvement of our employees' conditions and skills,' said Salvatore Vancheri, HR & Organisation Director of Busi Group.
The HR strategy review process is being developed over a multi-year plan and started, through an internal survey, by listening to the company's needs, highlighting the need for greater organisational clarity and rationalisation of workflows, the need to strengthen the company culture and identity, and for more structured training courses, so that all employees can acquire the knowledge and tools to cope with endogenous and exogenous changes.
Also this year, the first corporate climate survey will be carried out in a structured manner, which is important to understand the state of integration of the workforce of the three companies of the Busi group (BTE, MEC and OMB Technology) and to hear directly from our employees about any areas for improvement, to the benefit of employee well-being and productivity.

Attention to employee welfare is nothing new for the Busi group: during 2022, in support of the cost of living, the group paid out €400 to each employee in the form of a bonus and, among the various actions taken, it inaugurated the new building in the Paitone headquarters with a new training room, a canteen service accessible to employees at a symbolic price, and new and more practical changing rooms. A new building is also being constructed at OMB Technology in Rezzato to rationalise and improve the working environment for employees, with bright, spacious and comfortable rooms.
"We are a solid group and our employees actively contribute to the success of the company, which is why we are always trying to improve working conditions, starting with the machinery and working environments, including changing rooms and canteen, without forgetting company benefits and bonuses. We are convinced that this new HR strategy will help us to further improve the company climate and the well-being of our employees,' the Busi brothers conclude.

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