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Waste collection in municipalities 4, 7, 8, 9 and 10 will take place in an environmentally friendly manner, with Busigroup solutions on electric or CNG vehicles, for the well-being of citizens

Impresa Sangalli - for more than 60 years one of Italy's leading private waste collection companies operating in cities such as Monza, V...

Busi Group - a leading Italian company in complete solutions for waste collection, compaction, and transport - strengthens its presence in Sardinia thanks to the recent contract with the company San Germano S.p.A. for the supply of OMB Technology vehicles for urban waste collection and vehicles with MEC roll-off set-ups used for waste ...


Busi's integrated solutions enable urban waste management companies to successfully manage the entire waste collection cycle and its delivery to refuse collection points.



Impresa Sangalli Giancarlo & C. S.r.l, with its registered office i...

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